2nd February 1913
New York City's Grand Central Terminal opens
4th February 1713
Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury, writer, dies. 300 years.
5th February 1888
Anton Mauve, Dutch painter and cousin of Vincent van Gogh, died age 49. 125 years.
11th February 1763
William Shenstone, English poet dies. 250 years
11th February 1963
Suicide of Sylvia Plath, poet and novelist. 50 years.
12th February 1763
Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux, French writer, dies. (b. 1688). 250 years
15th February 1913
William Scott, artist, is born. 100 years
16th February 1923
Pharaoh Tutankhamn excavated in Egypt by Howard Carter. 90 years.
16th February 1923
Howard Carter opened sealed doorway to Tutankhamen's tomb in Thebes. 90years
18th February 1838
Ernst Mach, Austrian physicist, philosopher and psychologist is born. 175 years.
20th February 1763
Birth of Adalbert Gyrowetz, composer. 250 years.
21st February 1513
Pope Julius II, renowned as one of the greatest Popes, dies at 69. 500 years
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