1st July 1863
<p> Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War. Union Victory. 150 years.</p>
3rd July 1963
<p> Tracey Emin, well known controversial British artist, is born. 50 years.</p>
4th July 1938
<p> Suzanne Lenglen, well known French tennis player who won 31 championships between 1914 and 1926, dies. 75 years.</p>
8th July 1838
<p> Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, inventor, is born. 175 years.</p>
10th July 1888
<p> Giorgio De Chirico, the metaphysical painter, is born. 125 years.</p>
12th July 1923
<p> Paul Jenkins, abstract expressionist painter, is born. 90 years.</p>
13th July 1863
<p> <span style="">Anti-draft mobs lynch blacks in New York City; about 1,000 die. 150 years.</span></p>
18th July 1938
<p> <span style="">Marie of Edinburgh, Queen consort of Ferdinand I of Romania and granddaughter of Queen Victoria, dies. 75 years.</span></p>
19th July 1863
<p> <span style="">Hermann Bahr, Austrain writer, playwrighter and director, is born.</span> 150 years.</p>
20th July 1923
<p> <span style="">Pancho Villa, a mexican revolutionary, assasinated. 90 years.</span></p>
20th July 1663
<p> Pierre Drevet, French engraver, is born. 350 years.</p>
20th July 1838
<p> <span style="">George Otto Trevelyan, British statesman and biographer, is born. 175 years.</span></p>
21st July 1938
<p> Owen Wister, American author, dies. 75 years</p>
21st July 1613
<p> <span style="">Coronation of Michael, Tsar of Russia, the founder of the Romanov dynasty. 400 years.</span></p>
22nd July 1988
<p> Luigi Lucioni, Italian landscape painter, dies. 25 years.</p>
22nd July 1713
<p> Jacque-Germain Soufflot, a French architect, is born. 300 years.</p>
23rd July 1863
<p> <span style="">Alexandra Park opens in North London. 150 years.</span></p>
30th July 1763
<p> <span style="">Samuel Rogers, English poet, is born. 250 years. </span></p>
30th July 1863
<p> <span style="">Henry Ford, American indulstrialist and founder of Ford Motor Company, is born. 150 years.</span></p>
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